C31 - De Hombre A Mujer C31 - Do Wah Diddy C31 - I Wanna Dance C31 - Me Gusta C31 - Mit 66 Jahren C31 - Na De Ti C31 - No Llores Mas C31 - Pontelo C31 - Que Sabor c31 unit 33 C31.01 Chapter 31 Authority's End C31.01 OWLs C31.02 Lord Asriel was waiting... C31.02 They Spread Their Books Out C31.03 Metatron's shadow-cloaked form... C31.03 The Truth Was C31.04 And now Lord Asriel was dragging... C31.04 Ron's Carefully Ruffled Hair C31.05 Between them they helped... C31.05 He's Lost His Mind C31.06 But Will kept his head. C31.06 The Castle Grounds Were Gleaming C31.07 All around them was movement... C31.07 She Was Not The Only Person Acting Oddly C31.08 Meanwhile Draco Malfoy Had Found A Different Way C31.09 Meanwhile A Flourishing Black Market Trade C31.10 They Received Their Examination Timetables C31.11 Every Year, I'm Afraid To Say C31.12 Their First Exam Was Scheduled For Monday C31.13 Dinner Was Subdued C31.14 Professor Marchbank Seemed A Bit Deaf C31.15 It Was An Uncomfortable Sort Of An Evening C31.16 Once Breakfast Was Over C31.17 Well, It Wasn't Too Bad C31.18 Hermione's Name Was Called C31.19 On The Whole C31.20 They Had Their Herbology Exam C31.21 Very Good, Indeed C31.22 On Friday, Harry And Ron C31.23 Oh Well, That's Only One Mistake C31.24 Hermione's Bad Mood C31.25 Only Four Exams Left C31.26 The Astronomy Theory Paper C31.27 We Were Always Going To Fail That One C31.28 Professors Marchbanks And Tofty Strolled C31.29 Harry Put His Back To The Telescope C31.30 He Looked Up C31.31 Professor Tofty Gave Another Dry Cough C31.32 But Nobody Was Paying Any Attention C31.33 Look! C31.34 Hermione, Parvati And Lavender All Screamed C31.35 Oh My C31.36 There Was A Long Minute's Quivering Silence C31.37 Hagrid Did Well C31.38 They Traipsed Back C31.39 I Just Hope C31.40 Their Final Exam C31.41 Turn Over Your Papers C31.42 He Looked Ahead C31.43 The First Supreme Mugwump C31.44 He Opened His Eyes C31.45 He Was Walking Along The Cool Dark Corridor C31.46 A Voice Issued From His Own Mouth C31.47 You'll Have To Kill Me C32 C32 - Alt wie ein Baum c32 unit 34 C32.01 Chapter 21 Morning C32.01 Out Of The Fire C32.02 She climbed slowly back... C32.02 The Second The Old Man's Heels Disappeared C32.03 I Don't Wonder You're Shocked C32.03 Two of the creatures were fitted... C32.04 - Out of the Fire C32.04 Moved by compassion... C32.04 Voldemort's Got Sirius C32.05 - Out of the Fire C32.05 Harry, Said Hermione In A Rather Frightened Voice C32.05 In the early evening... C32.06 - Out of the Fire C32.06 Harry, How On Earth C32.07 - Out of the Fire C32.07 Okay, She Said C32.08 - Out of the Fire C32.08 Well, Spit It Out C32.09 - Out of the Fire C32.09 Harry Let Out A Roar C32.10 - Out of the Fire C32.10 But, Harry, You've Just Said It C32.11 - Out of the Fire C32.11 You're Being Rather Rude C32.12 - Out of the Fire C32.12 We'll Have To Use Umbridge's Fire C32.13 - Out of the Fire C32.13 One Of Us Has To Go And Find Umbridge C32.14 - Out of the Fire C32.14 Okay, Said Hermione C32.15 - Out of the Fire C32.15 Now? Said Hermione C32.16 - Out of the Fire

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